About me

About me

Olexandr Litvinov

Was born in February 3, 1955 in the town of Chernivtsi.

He graduated from drawing and paiting department of the Odessa Pedagogical institute in 1976

He is a member of the National Artist Union of Ukraine.

His paintings are stored in Chernivtsi Art Museum, Gallery “Brancusi” in Bucuresti, The Department of Art Exibitions of Ukraine in Kyiv, Embassy of Austria In Ukraine and in a lot, of private collection. Litvinov is a participant of regional, alle –Ukreinian, and international Exhibitions and plein airs.


  1. Exhibition of Yong Artists, Odessa, 1975
  2. International exhibition town Hudmezevasharhey, Hungary 1975
  3. Byennale “Renaissance” Lviv, 1991
  4. Exhibition of Chernivtsi artists. Potsdam. Germany, 2000
  5. Exhibition of Chernivtsi artists. Volfsberg, Austria, 2002
  6. Exhibition of Ukrainian artists. Krakow, Poland, 2005
  7. Exhibition of Chernivtsi artists. Herzogenaurah, Germany, 2006
  8. Exhibition of Ukrainian artists. Paris, France, 2008
  9. Personal exhibition, Wien, Art Gallery “Time”, 2009
  10. Personal exhibition, Kyiv, Art Gallery “36”, 2010
  11. Personal exhibition, Kyiv, Art Gallery “Kolo”, 2011
  12. Personal exhibition, Volfsberg, Austria 2011
  13. Personal exhibition, Chernivtsi, “Sweet Art” 2012
  14. Personal exhibition, Kyiv, Ambassy of Austria in Ukraine, 2013
  15. Exhibition of Ukrainian artists, Les Issambres, France, 2013
  16. Exhibition of Chernivtsi artists. Volfsberg, Austria 2016
  17. Personal exhibition, Chernivtsi “Vernysazh”, 2017

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